Parker Thunderhawk Crossbow Review

Parker thunderhawk Crossbow

The Thunderhawk crossbow is a small, light weight, easy handling, yet powerful crossbow. When we say light weight we mean it, the Thunderhawk checks in at just 6.5 lbs. Axle to axle is just 20.375 inches and overall bow length is 34.25 inches. Compare this to Parkers long time most popular crossbow, the Tornado which checks in at 8 lbs, 35.5 inches long, and 20.75 inches wide. Parker lists arrow velocity for the Thunderhawk as 320 feet per second, not a barn burner but plenty of speed for just about any hunting application.

After receiving, setting up, and shooting a 2012 Thunderhawk crossbow we can say we are very impressed with the performance of this crossbow. The small size is a delight to handle, the trigger is the same one as in all Parker crossbow models, a proven design with acceptable pull and little creep, and the price is several hundred dollars less then most other crossbows in its performance range. To sum it up:

Things we like about the Thunderhawk crossbow

  • small and light weight
  • easy cocking
  • good trigger
  • acceptable speed
  • great pricing

What we don’t like about the Thunderhawk crossbow

  • the ballistic polymer barrel: other Parker models using this same barrel have had problems with the screws that attach the barrel to the riser. This one looks to have the same potential problems. (loose screws, hard to align screw holes and others) We understand Parker used the polymer barrel to keep the price down but we would like to pay a little more and get an aluminum one