Excalibur Matrix 405 Recall

Excalibur has recalled all Matrix 405 mega crossbow purchased after Jan 1 2014. ¬†The reason is a difference in hardness between two contact areas in the trigger seer that may cause excessive wear and a premature release. Excalibur is requesting that all Matrix 405 Mega owners return the crossbow to one of their official service centers for repair at Excalibur’s expense. Full details are available at the Excalibur website, www.excaliburcrossbow.com.

Excalibur boosts speed again

For the second year in a row Excalibur has brought out a new crossbow model significantly faster then any previous model. Last year it was the Matrix 380 at 380 feet per second, this year it is the Matrix 405 Mega at what else – 405 feet per second. To get the new speed the same limbs from the Matrix 380 have been mounted on a slightly longer riser. The new specs read .8 inches longer power stroke and 30 lbs increase in draw weight. The Matrix 405 Mega is truly a magnum crossbow for those that desire one.

Tenpoint Attempts “Truth In Advertising” With New Speed Ratings

For 2012 Tenpoint is publishing three arrow speeds for each of their crossbows. The first and fastest speed is with their new 370 grain Pro Lite arrow, the second speed is with their long time standard Pro Elite 425 grain arrow, and the third speed is with a 545 grain Easton FMJ bolt. I think this is a good move. For years Tenpoint has been getting beat up in the speed department by other crossbow companies using much lighter arrows for their published speeds. Of course a lighter arrow will be faster but with only published speed comparisons a consumer that did not look any closer could easily be led to believe other crossbows were outperforming Tenpoint models when this was simply not the case. At least now the consumer  will be alerted to the arrow weight differences and can ask some better questions when making comparisons.